Whiffer Sniffer - Mystery Pack 9 Mikey Milkshake


$ 7.99 

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Mystery Pack 9 gives you the chance to get the rare Mikey Milkshake, chocolate milkshake scented backpack clip. You will either receive Mikey Milkshake or one of the 6 regular Series 4 clips in your mystery pack.

  • Mystery Pack 9 contains either Mikey Milkshake, chocolate milkshake scented clip, or 1 of the 6 regular Series 4 clips.
  • Mystery Pack 9 may contain an ultra rare golden bag Sniffer Mixer "Bitsy B. Shakin'"!
  • Mystery packs are packaged in a giftable black container (Perfect for storing and displaying your collection)
  • Ready to clip onto a backpack, lunchbox, bag, and more!
  • Kids love mystery packs, then collecting and trading Whiffer Sniffers with their friends!
  • Mystery packs are not refundable
  • Mystery packs are a 1 in12 chance of getting the item listed. Zolo's Room is not responsible for any reason if not satisfied.

Mikey loves to celebrate when good things come around. From great grades to birthdays, there’s always something to be found. Mikey prefers to have his parties at the local soda shop, if you’re ever passing by one, you really have to stop. Sometimes the celebration is a big party other times it’s just mom and dad, but Mikey knows the celebrations with the one’s you love are the best ones to be had.