Tech Deck Dudes Series 1 Mystery Pack 1-Pack

Tech Deck

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The Dudes are here, bruh! Grab the Tech Deck Dudes Mystery Pack and roll with a new kind of skate squad! Each Tech Deck Dude has a unique personality, detailed features and their own individual style. With 70 Dudes and 11 squads, there's an entire universe to discover! Will you find epic bros from the Money Mob and Poser Posse, or lethal femmes from the Brainy Bunch? With one Dude hidden from view, you never know! Whoever you find, stash 'em in the wheel accessory, which doubles as carrying case and display stand! The more wheels you collect, the more you can connect! Each wheel's snaps together with the connecting nuts, so you can build a sweet wall display! For epic good times, call up the Dudes! (each sold separately).