Soft'N Slo Squishies Slimi Cafe Fluffiwhipz Tangerini Squeeze Toy Accessory


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Make your own crazy Soft’n Slo Squishy creations with Orb Slimi Café!

Stretch and squeeze to shape your luscious ORB Slimi Cafe™ Slime. Feel the ooey, gooey goodness slide between your fingers as you place Slime on your squishy base. Customize your ORB Slimi Cafe™ design to your tastes, making more and more extravagant creations! When you're done concocting, simply remove your Slime and store in the jar to keep fresh. With various colours and flavours, you can make endless divine creations.


  • Pick from a selection of unique Compound toppings
  • Take a deconstructed Squishy , stack it, add toppings, create and decorate!
  • Then squeeze, and separate to use again and again!
  • Give different textures and finishes to your Orb Slimi Café Creation.
  • Please note: Mixing compounds is not advised for storage & re-use.
  • One compound supplied. Styles and colours vary. Squishies (sold separately)

Suitable for ages 8 & up