Pikmi Pops Surprise - PushMi Ups Series 3 Mystery Pack (Case of 18)

Pikmi Pops

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Pikmi Pops PushMi Ups are ready to pop! Push up a scented plush with loads of confetti fun! Will you find a marshmallow, chocolate, bubblegum or blueberry scented Pikmi?

Each Pikmi Pops PushMi Ups comes with 1 (one) mini plushie, 1 (one) surprise message, 1 (one) dangler string, confetti, and 1 (one) PushMi Ups vessel.

There are 12 (twelve) Pikmis to collect. Push it up to pop it out for loads of confetti fun!


1 x Scented Plush
1 x PushMi Ups Vessel
1 x Surprise Message
1 x Dangler String