Pikmi Pops Surprise! Doughmi Surprise Mystery Pack

Pikmi Pops

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Pikmi Pops Surprise have just got a hole lot sweeter! Say hello to DoughMis! The DoughMis Surprise pack is ready for you to crack open and reveal some sweet surprises! Crack open the center of the tasty looking donut case and discover a Surprise Jelly Pikmi. Then open the case to find their delicious DoughMis friend and 3 more surprises! DoughMis are sweet scented donut shaped plush! There are so many donut friends to meet and collect in the most delicious range of donut flavored scents. Each DoughMis comes with a surprise message and a dangler string so you can hang your DoughMis anywhere! There are over 40 DoughMis to collect across the range including rare, special edition Squish n Rise DoughMis and Glitzy Glazed! 1 x Medium Scented Donut Plush 1 x Surprise Jelly Pikmi 3 x Surprise Items 1 x Medium Donut Vessel 1 x Dangler String 1 x Surprise Message 1 x Collector's Guide.

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