Crate Creatures Surprise! Barf Buddies Matey Figure

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Crate Creatures are slimier than ever, thanks to the all new Barf Buddies collectible slime action figures!

Kids can load up the Barf Buddies' big mouths and load 'em with colorful slime! Yank on the Buddy's tail, and the slime will ooze and fling right out of its mouth!

And SURPRISE! Every batch of Barf Buddies slime comes with 3 mystery, collectible Puke Pals hiding inside! Each Barf Buddy has 3 different Puke Pals to yuck it up with...which ones will your Barf Buddy hack up?

When the Barf Buddy's had enough to eat for the day, slime packs up neatly in the included storage pod.

  • Pull this wacky Creature's tail to open up a mouthful of slime and fun!
  • Load each Baf Buddy's mouth with included slime
  • Yank on his tail, and his mouth will pop open, oozing and flinging colorful slime!
  • Surprise: 3 mustery Puke Pals hiding in every slime pod!
  • Collect them all! Skitter, Gulp, Matey, Grumble, Perch and Crunch! (each sold separately)
  • Includes: Barf Buddy figure, 8 oz. slime pod, 3 Puke Paks mini figures